I am looking for talented and motivated graduate students and postdocs interested in population dynamics and biophysics.


Send me your CV, a brief statement of research interests and past research accomplishments, and arrange for two or three letters of recommendations to be emailed to me. You can also include up to three of your recent papers. The cover letter should indicate when you would like to start. All files must be sent as PDFs.  

Graduate students

Email me to set up a meeting. It is helpful to have your CV and a brief description of your interests and activities while at graduate school or college. You don't have to send me transcripts or any other documents that you used to apply for graduate schools; if you wish, simply include the relevant information (GPA, test scores, etc.) in your CV. All files must be sent as PDFs.

Undergraduate students

I do not have resources to pay undergraduates, but I am willing to help you get started in research. I work on theoretical problems, which require advanced training in analytical tools, and you might prefer to start working in an experimental lab even if you want to become a theorist. Joining my group would be a good experience for you if you do not find this book overwhelmingly hard and can program in Python  (including basic knowledge of NumPy and Matplotlib); alternatively experience with MatLab is sufficient.